You can enjoy the garden from your Japanese-style room.

Spacious Japanese room

Garden from wide hallway

2 bedrooms are equipped with beds

beautiful entrance and ceiling

You can enjoy the garden

Complete with washroom

calm toilet

Room information
Maximum capacity: 8 people. Number of rooms: 4 Japanese-style rooms / Number of beds: 4 / Number of other bedding: 4 / Number of toilets: 1 / Bathroom not available: Separate hot spring facility available (for HANARE guests)Kinokuni Hot SpringYou can take a bath for free. )
Usage information
Check-in: 15:00 - Check-out: 11:00
Facilities and equipment
Air conditioner/Heating/cooling/Refrigerator/Microwave oven Water heater/Chair (sofa)/Free Wi-Fi Toothbrush Razor

Sashimi platter carefully selected by the chef

Seasonal fresh fish salad

natural kueh hot pot

Special selection nigiri sushi

Fishing at a nearby fishing spot

You can bring in the fish you catch

For HANARE guests, we will cook the fresh fish you catch for free.

Cook and serve the fish you caught

Price for renting a whole house (up to 8 people)

From 2 people
28,000 yen - up to 80,000 yen (tax included)
Usage fees vary depending on the day of the week and season.

[Fujishiro Shrine]
This is the ruins of Fujishiroji, one of the five highly prestigious Kumano 99 princes, and the large camphor tree in the precincts is over 1000 years old. Kumano Honjibutsu is enshrined as a sacred place for Shinto and Buddhist deities.It is also the root of the national Suzuki surname.

Address: 448 Fujishiro, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map
Sales Time: 9:00-16:00

【Nakagoto Shrine】
[Kuroushi no Mizu], which has been selected as one of the famous waters of Kinokuni, springs within the shrine grounds. It is the local deity of the town of Kuroe and is located on a hill overlooking the town. It is said that during the Manyo era, there was an inlet that reached around the base of this shrine.

933 Kuroe, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map

Fujishirasaka, Kumano Kodo, where there is a folk tale about Prince Arima. is said to have been climbed by Fujiwara Sadaie, who accompanied Retired Emperor Gotoba on his journey to Kumano. Although it is a steep road as described in the Gotoba-in Kumano Gokoki, you can see a panoramic view of Wakaura Bay from the Gosho no Shiba, which climbs the mountain path.

Fujihaku, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map

[Kuroe townscape and lacquerware]
A town that has continued to preserve the tradition of Kishu lacquerware since the early Edo period. On Kawabata Street in Kuroe, townhouses with a lattice lattice structure remain, and especially on the back streets, you can see the unique rows of houses lined up in a sawtooth pattern against the road.
Uruwashi Hall, Kishu Lacquerware Traditional Industry Hall The hall is full of information about lacquerware, including the Kishu lacquerware exhibition room, Kishu lacquerware sales corner, lacquerware reference room, and woodworking room.

[Nakano BC Tour]
Manufactures and sells various alcoholic beverages including sake. On the tour, you can see the sake brewery and storage area. Paid trial courses such as plum wine and plum wine syrup soaking experience are also available. >758-45 Fujishiro, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map
Business hours 9:00-16:00

[Wakayama Natural Museum]
A museum that introduces the nature of the sea, mountains and rivers of Wakayama Prefecture. There is a corner that recreates Nachi's primeval forest, and a large 15m wide aquarium that recreates the Kuroshio Current where rays and sharks swim in their natural habitat.

370-1 Funao, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map
Business Time 9:30-17:30

[Kotonoura Onzan Manor]
The 14,000 tsubo garden is an order of magnitude more expansive than a private garden. Onzan Manor is a strolling garden with a pond built by the late businessman Chojiro Nitta from the early Taisho era to the early Showa era.The garden is surrounded by a thick pine forest, and there is a traditional Japanese-style main building and tea room, where you can spend a relaxing time while looking out at the garden. In 1998, it was designated as a "Registered Tangible Cultural Property" by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and in 2010, it was registered as a nationally designated scenic spot and important cultural property. Furthermore, in 2011, it was certified as a public interest incorporated foundation by the prefecture.

370 Funao, Kainan City, Wakayama Prefecture Googel Map
Business hours 9 :00-17:30